Wholesale Adjustable Massage Foam Fitness HuLa Hula Hoola Sports Fitness Ring Hoop with Weight

Short Description:

  • This Sports Hoop Hoop is designed according to physical theory,  which can enhance exercise intensity and fit your body perfectly. If you want lose weight, this Sports Hula Hoop is an easy and efficient way;
  • “Assembly Method” Press the one touch button on the body, and assembly orderly according to appropriate colors;

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About Product

About Product

  • Soft and cool feeling massage the side and andominal muscle.
  • This product is good for losing weight and lessening obesity.
  • Characteristics: environmental friendly,corronsion resistant,good flexibility,anti-aging.
  • High degree of accuracy,good looks, smooth surface.
  • No poison,abrasion resistant,weather resistant, resist cold and high temperature.
  • It can divided into several sections,and you can change the diameter by reducing the section. You can also add some sand in each part to change the weight of hula hoop to fit your need.
  • Color: as your request

About Use

  • If it is your first time to use the hoop, place the hoop on your waist and turn the hoop with your two hands. Then turn your waist from left to right.
  • When you are used to the exercise, regardless of the direction of the hula hoop,
  • Turning your waist from front to back strengthens your waist and also balances your body.
  • While turning the hula hoop, if you shake your hands from left to right, from front to back, or from up to down,you will increase the amount of aerobic and whole body exercise.
  • For the first time users, you may see bruise on your adnominal flesh and waist due to finger pressure and message. You may also feel pain and itchiness.
hula hoop

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About Feature

- Have fun and improve balance;
- Foam padding for extra comfort;
- Allows the user to strengthen and tone the core and waist line;
- Use with arms and legs to tone shoulders, biceps, triceps, hips, thighs and glutes;
- Improves coordination and endurance;
- Improves Cardiovascular Fitness,
- Highest levels of Calorie burning.


About Package

 1pc/color box, then 10pcs/carton

Color box size: 44.5x21.5x8.5cm

Carton size: 47x46x44cm

N.W./G.W.: 17/19kgs


hula hoop

About Us

About Attention

  • Pregnant, elder, person with joint, back or waist problems
  • A person who is under a doctor's instruction
  • Do not use the hoop other than as an exercise tool.
  • Do not disassemble the pins.
  • The color may differ due to the manufacturing process


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