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Ankle Cuff Pulley Straps Made up of Padded Neoprene with Nylon Straps, 10″ In Length and 4″ in width

Padding inside to provide safety and comfort to your ankle during workouts.

Easily attaches to Gym Equipment and Machines

Adjustable hook and loop Velcro Closure

Chrome plated Double d-ring attachment Hooks

Universal Size Fits All

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About Product

About Product

Ankle/Wrist Strap is the cost-effective way to add leg workouts to your existing Resistance Bands.

Targeted Muscle Area: Back, Triceps, Total Body, Legs, Arms

Features: compact, easy-to-store.


About Use

Put the band right above the knees and simply take long strides forward, backward and laterally. Will be your perfect warm up for mobility, lifting, powerlifting, stretching, squatting & all Leg Workouts. Warming up prevents injury during workouts and contributes to a physically healthy lifestyle. Use these comfortable elastic hip stretch bands for legs, glutes & hips enhances all aspects of health.

Use your hip flex before your workout as a warm up to activate your muscles, during your workout to help maintain form and provide resistance, strengthening, and toning, or after your workout for recovery and stretching.


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About Color

It is colorful.Red/Pink/Yellow/Blue/Black/Purple...In general,we can make any normal color,some custom patterns we can also to do,like leopard grain,popular peach and marble.Normal color MOQ is 1 piece.Peach body band is the most popular this year and our quality is very good.


About Package

1. For small gym equipment, each in a PP bag and many into a carton box;

2. Independent packing is for heavy products, each 600~800kg in a plywood case. (not real wood, okay for delivery to AU and Europe) ;

3. Negotiate the delivery way with our staff.



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1. Professional Service

2. Low MOQ

3. Fast delivery

4. Quality Guarantee

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Designs and manufactures products exclusively for women who live an active and healthy lifestyle. We strongly believe in providing women with the highest quality products that are comfortable and fun to use every single day! Don’t settle for one-size fits men and women equally, because it’s just not true. Instead, give our products a try and we guarantee that you will love them! Plus, they are pink. Who doesn’t love pink?!

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