Which kind of garden water tube is better

Whether it's watering flowers, washing cars or cleaning the terrace, no garden hose is easier to handle than an expandable hose. The best expandable garden hose is made of durable brass fittings and thicker internal latex material to prevent leakage. Compared with traditional rubber hoses, they will also be easier to store, less kinked, and lighter (from 3 lbs to 7 lbs, no water flow). However, when choosing the right size for you, please make sure that the size you choose can meet the total extended length you need (when the water flows past).

garden hose
Like most garden hoses, the expandable version has increments of 25 feet. Although most users usually only need to extend about 50 feet from the socket, there are still some extension hoses that go far beyond this range. 200 feet! Of course, the longer the length, the heavier the hose will become and the more expensive it is usually, but in any case, they are designed to shrink about three sizes for easy storage (for example, a 50-foot hose will After draining, it returned to 17 feet).
Structurally, most models will use durable polyester fiber on the outside, but you will want the inner core to be made of latex because it is the most pressure-resistant. Look for metal fittings made of brass (such as connectors and valves) because they are of higher quality than aluminum, rust-free and have higher heat resistance.
Finally, keep in mind that it is not recommended to use an expandable hose with a sprinkler, as the pressure may cause shaking around the head, which can cause potential damage to the lawn.

In addition, its inner tube is also equipped with pressure-resistant latex and corrosion-resistant brass fittings. Therefore, it is leak-proof and durable, so you can rest assured. It also won't be twisted, tangled or kinked. It comes with an 8-type nozzle attachment and a lifetime warranty.

If you are looking for a large price, then this Delxo retractable garden hose can't be wrong. Although the weight of the 50-foot model is greater than the weight of the above models (5.5 pounds), you will still benefit from a space-saving expandable hose that has a multi-layer latex inner tube that won’t be kinked, tangled, or twisted And durable brass fittings. In addition, there are two colors to choose from, and many accessories are included, including 9 patterns of nozzles, a storage bag, a hose dispenser, three spare rubber gaskets, leak-proof tape and hose clamps.

Post time: May-04-2021