What’s the choice for dumbbells, you will understand after reading this article

Dumbbells, as the most well-known fitness equipment, play an important role in shaping, losing weight, and gaining muscle. It is not restricted by the venue, easy to use, regardless of the crowd, can sculpt every muscle in the body, and become the first choice for most bodybuilders. There are a variety of dumbbells on the market. How to choose one? I believe everyone will naturally have the answer after reading this article.


How to choose dumbbell material?

The three common dumbbell materials on the market are electroplating, rubber encapsulation and sponge. The second brother recommends buying electroplated dumbbells. The advantages are that they are small in size, not easy to rust and fade, environmentally friendly, and have no irritating odor. They are very suitable for household use, but they can easily damage the floor when they fall. The rubber of the low-end rubberized dumbbells is not environmentally friendly, and the smell is pungent, and the rubber is easy to crack after a long time. The high-end rubberized dumbbells are made of environmentally friendly rubber, which has a lower taste, but the price is more expensive and the price is lower. The advantage is that it is not easy to damage the floor. Sponge dumbbells are usually wrapped with a layer of environmentally friendly foam, which is comfortable to hold. The disadvantage is that the weight is too small, usually 1kg-5kg, not suitable for high-intensity muscle exercises, and more suitable for women.


How to choose the weight of dumbbells?

First of all, clarify the purpose of your exercise. Heavier dumbbells can exercise muscle dimension and absolute strength; lighter dumbbells are more suitable for exercise endurance and explosive power. Then determine the muscle group you want to exercise. Generally, the larger the muscle group you exercise, the heavier the dumbbells you need. Generally speaking, we can choose small and medium weight dumbbells when exercising small muscle groups such as biceps, triceps and deltoids, and heavy dumbbells when exercising large muscle groups such as chest, leg and back muscles. The second brother recommends that you should buy adjustable dumbbells, which do not take up space. You can increase or decrease dumbbells according to the training needs of different muscle groups. In addition, many gyms have professional fitness trainers and folk gods, so you can ask them.

What weight dumbbells should I buy?

First of all, we have to distinguish the weight representation methods of dumbbells, one is KG (kilogram), the other is LB (lb), 1LB is approximately equal to 0.45kg, and dumbbells seen in China are basically expressed in KG. There are two common types of dumbbells on the market, one is an adjustable dumbbell, and the other is a fixed and non-detachable dumbbell. When choosing adjustable dumbbells, it is recommended that men should choose at least 2kg-20kg, and women should choose at least 1kg-10kg. When choosing a fixed and non-detachable dumbbell, you should choose according to your own situation. For example, exercise biceps bending exercises. Fitness young people may need 5kg, and those with fitness foundation need 10kg. If you are a senior fitness enthusiast May need more than 15kg.


Different exercise methods, skill levels and physical abilities require dumbbells of different weights. Finally, the second brother reminded everyone that whether you are buying or using dumbbells, you should do what you can. At first, you can choose a lower weight dumbbell and gradually increase the weight. Directly loading a heavy dumbbell will strain the muscles and damage the body.

Post time: Jun-21-2021