How to choose a skipping rope that suits you

This article will explain the three points of different skipping ropes, their advantages and disadvantages, and their application to the crowd.
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What are the obvious differences between different skipping ropes .

1: Different rope materials

Usually there are cotton ropes, pvc (plastic) ropes (and there are many divisions in this material), slub ropes (the slub ropes are not made of bamboo, but are made into sections like bamboo knots), steel wire ropes .

2: The difference in the handle
Some of the rope handles are small handles, some are thick and sponge handles, some are counting handles, and some have no handles (a simple rope).

3: The rope weight is different
We usually have light ropes and heavy ropes. The general skipping rope weighs about 80 to 120 grams. Less than 80 grams is too light, about 200 grams, or even more than 400 grams can be called heavy rope.

4: The "bearing is different" between the handle and the rope.
For example, the cotton rope does not have the rotation of the handle, and it is easier to be entangled together. Some are bearing rotation, most of which are movable rotation.
An introduction to different skipping ropes.

1: Cotton rope (just a rope)
Features: A simple cotton rope, because it is cheap and doesn't hurt when hitting the body, it is often used in the physical education class of elementary school students.

Disadvantages: Just because it is a pure cotton rope, there is no "bearing" rotation, so it is very easy to knot, a little bit faster, it is easy to knot, which will cause the skipping rope to be interrupted. Moreover, we pay attention to feeling the inertia of the rope swing, so this kind of rope is not easy to jump.

Applicable people: In fact, from the perspective of learning rope skipping, I don’t think it is suitable for anyone, but for some children who are just starting to learn rope skipping, it can be used because it is difficult to jump a lot at the beginning, and it is difficult to hit the body. It hurts and can be used.

2: Count skipping ropes:
Features: The remarkable function of this kind of skipping rope is self-evident. It has a counting function, which can be selected in the case of sports exams or want to know how many jumps per minute.

Note: There are many kinds of skipping ropes for this kind of counting, the material of the rope and the material of the handle are different, and the weight of the rope is also different. So when you buy, you can buy it according to different characteristics.

Applicable people: For primary and middle school students to count conveniently, you can use this kind of skipping rope, but there are many kinds of this kind of skipping rope, and you can choose a better one.

3: pvc skipping rope with small handle
Features: This type of skipping rope is commonly used in racing skipping or boxing skipping. Because of its proper weight, the rope has better swing inertia. The price is also relatively moderate, usually between 18-50. Due to the different subdivision materials, the price is also different.

Applicable people: It can be said that this type of skipping rope is suitable for most people. For primary and middle school students who want to better improve their skipping ability, they can choose a weight of 80-100 grams. Adults who have certain skipping ability and want to jump faster and better can choose this type of skipping rope.
4: Wire rope
Features: The steel wire rope is characterized by a steel wire inside and a plastic wrap on the outside. This type is also generally used for racing skipping, but it is also very painful to hit the body.

Applicable people: You can use this type of skipping rope if you want to improve the speed of skipping rope, or practice boxing skipping rope.

5: Bamboo rope
jump rope
Features: As shown in the picture above, most of the bamboo skipping ropes are spliced ​​together one by one, and the colors are bright. It is common in fancy rope skipping competitions. Due to its characteristics, it can not be used for high-speed skipping, and it is easy to break or break.

Applicable people: people who want to learn fancy rope skipping.

6: Heavy rope
Features: Heavy rope is a popular skipping rope recently. Both the rope and the handle are heavy, and they are commonly used in boxing, Sanda, Muay Thai and other athletes to practice skipping rope. This kind of rope skipping is actually difficult to jump quickly, and to play some fancy movements (the reason is that it is very heavy, the most important is that if the movement is wrong, it will be very painful to hit the body). But it is very good for muscular endurance exercise.

Applicable crowd: Boxing, Sanda, Muay Thai learners. There is another kind of people who are physically fit and want to lose weight, because this type of skipping rope skips 100 times than ordinary skipping rope skipping 100 times, which consumes more power and consumes more energy. If you can’t jump longer, why not let yourself consume more energy every time you skip rope.

Finally, summarize the recommended skipping options:

Cotton rope: It can be used for the enlightenment of children skipping rope at the beginning.

Small handle pvc skipping rope and steel wire rope: For adults and children who have a certain skipping ability and want to improve their performance, they can choose, and this type of rope is better for jumping. For people who want to learn boxing skipping rope can also choose this type of skipping rope.

Bamboo rope: people who want to learn fancy rope skipping.

Heavy rope: For the weight basis is too large, long-term skipping may put too much pressure on the knee joint, then we can choose this type of skipping rope, so that you consume more energy every time you jump. For boxing, Sanda, and Muay Thai to practice muscle endurance, you can use this class.

Today, I will briefly share about the division and selection of different skipping ropes. I hope it will be helpful to everyone when choosing skipping ropes. Welcome to like, bookmark, forward, and comment.

Post time: May-10-2021