2021 (39th) China Sports Expo opens grandly in Shanghai

 On May 19th, the 2021 (39th) China International Sporting Goods Expo (hereinafter referred to as the 2021 Sports Expo) grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai).The 2021 China Sports Expo is divided into three themed exhibition areas of fitness, stadiums, sports consumption and services. Nearly 1,300 companies participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition area reached 150,000 square meters. It is expected to attract tens of thousands of visitors during the exhibition.


Li Yingchuan, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, Chen Qun, deputy mayor of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Wu Qi, chairman of the All-China Sports Foundation, Li Hua, chairman of the China Sporting Goods Industry Federation, and Huang Yongping, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, attended the meeting. At the same time, the opening ceremony of this sports expo was attended by leaders and representatives of the State Sports General Administration, directly affiliated institutions, sports bureaus of various provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, individual sports associations, representatives of the business community, and experts in related fields. Scholars, friends from the press.


As the oldest sports exhibition brand in China, the China Sports Expo was born in 1993. After years of accumulation and development, it has become the largest comprehensive sports industry exhibition brand in the Asia-Pacific region. The annual China Sports Expo has become one of the wind vanes in China and even the global sporting goods manufacturing industry.

  This year's China Sports Expo takes the lead in the overall layout of the word "stable". In the context of the recovery of China's manufacturing industry, it did not blindly expand, but provided more targeted and meticulous services to existing exhibitors. Regarding the division of exhibition areas, according to the characteristics of "group classification" of sports goods, we will further build the "one-stop" procurement concept of the sports industry. Under the premise of basically continuing the previous years, we will further optimize and integrate: At the same time as the main exhibition area, the “comprehensive exhibition area” was renamed the “sports consumption and service exhibition area”, including ball sports, sports shoes and clothing, roller skating skateboards, martial arts fighting, outdoor sports, sports and leisure, sports organizations, sports industry parks, Elements such as sports events and sports training are integrated to highlight the role and positioning of the exhibition in driving the consumer market.

  With the stabilization of epidemic control and the gradual recovery of offline activities, the activity system of China Sports Expo in 2021 has been expanded and innovated compared with 2020, with richer content and more precise targeting of people, divided into official activities and forum meetings. Four categories:, business negotiation, and public experience.

  In terms of supporting activities in the exhibition hall, the organizing committee has created a stronger atmosphere for the public experience than in previous years: "3V3 Street Basketball Challenge Tournament", "3rd Shuangyun Cup Table Tennis Battle Team Tournament" and other connotations are strong. The competitive nature of the game brings a wonderful confrontation full of strength and sweat to the audience; the "Chinese Rope Skipping Carnival" and the "Indoor Kite Flying Show" will incorporate more viewership into them, combining power and beauty. Can be demonstrated; "Innovation promotion activities" continue to bring more new and excellent products to China's sports goods manufacturing industry, and encourage the industry to invest in the ranks of technological innovation.


This year's China Sports Expo will continue to focus on the sharing of ideas and results in the sports industry. The China Sports Industry Summit hosted by the China Sporting Goods Industry Federation has been held the day before the opening ceremony. At the same time, subdivided vertical forums and seminars, including the 2021 China Sports Stadium Facilities Forum and China Artificial Turf Industry Salon, 2021 Urban Sports Space Forum and Sports Park Special Sharing Session, will also be held during the 2021 China Sports Expo. At this year’s China Sports Industry Summit, the organizer, the China Sporting Goods Industry Federation, released the "2021 Mass Fitness Behavior and Consumption Report" for the second year in a row; and kept up with the hot spots of the market segment, in the 2021 Urban Sports Space Forum and Sports Park Special At the sharing meeting, the "2021 Sports Park Research Report" was first published in the industry to provide valuable "intelligence" and decision-making basis for local governments and enterprises in determining strategic directions and formulating development plans, leading the future trend of the national fitness facility industry.


Post time: May-24-2021